To be the a trusted HR Services partner for small to mid-size business owners and nonprofit organizations in UAE and beyond, by providing end-to-end HR services through quality human resource, streamlined processes and customized solutions.

We aim to provide state of the art HR solutions to growing businesses and help make their business journey smoother by providing excellent Human Resources and HR solutions. By delegating the HR function to us, companies can save crucial resource of time, reduce manpower hiring cost, improve employee retention, ensure compliance and avoid hiring an in-house HR position.

Why Choose Us?

Our HR outsourcing solutions are specially designed keeping in mind the requirements of small businesses. We offer these benefits

Best HR Software Solutions

Manual processing can take up crucial time and effort, our customized HR solutions automate repetitive tasks and give easy access to data on a click.

A Unique Employer Brand

Every business is unique with its strengths and challenges. We at My HR Boutique pride ourselves in approaching HR creatively and as your partners, highlight your company by devising strategies to promote you as the employer of choice.

Peace Of Mind

HR can be daunting for small business owners who have so much on their plates already. My HR Boutique know the issues you’re facing, and can easily help you along the way.

Flexible HR Solutions

Whether it’s a process document, a policy handout or an entire HR process built from scratch, we’ve got you covered. We work hand-in-hand with business owners to drive success at every stage.



Advantages of HR Outsourcing

According to Harvard Business Review, optimized outsourcing reduces almost 20-30% of your annual in-house HR costs. The next question is how.

How does outsourcing reduce costs?
By sharing or outsourcing the most expensive HR functions, you can reduce a substantial amount in your budget, which could otherwise be used to enhance your core operations. With outsourcing, you can control where your money goes. You can choose what services you require and pay only for those necessary ones.

The outsourcing service providers take the expenses of the required functions and spread them across multiple client organizations meaning, that a high level of service can be provided to a company at a much lower cost.


  • Increases efficiency by letting you concentrate on your core activities
  • Streamlines your hiring procedure
  • Puts an expert eye on your policies
  • Regulates payroll
  • Improve employee relations
  • Provides professional employee training and development