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Introducing Donata Anderloni

Meet Donata Anderloni, the heart and vision behind our Boutique:

with a rich background as an entrepreneur and a specialist in human resources, Donata brings a unique blend of leadership mentoring and strategic business consultancy.

Her commitment and expertise have been instrumental in fostering growth and innovation in both emerging startups and well-established companies.

Our Commitment
Fostering Gender Diversity and Flexible Workplaces

Championing Gender Diversity and Flexible Working Solutions

At My HR Boutique, we prioritize Gender Diversity and Equal Opportunity, advocating for a workforce enriched with Creativity and Innovation. Embrace our Flexible Work Models, including Hybrid Work and Remote Work Options, to meet the evolving demands of today’s dynamic workforce.

Empowering Women’s Return to the Workforce


Our "Back to Work" program is meticulously designed to support Women in Transition, helping them seamlessly reintegrate into their professional careers. Whether seeking Part-Time, Full-Time, or Remote Opportunities, we connect talented women with ideal roles, supporting their journey to Leadership Positions.

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